Landlords, just remember that this is not going to be your home

Other people have different tastes, so anything too idiosyncratic will not have many takers. Keep things plain and simple.

Don't forget, this is an investment so, when choosing your property, you will need to bear a few important points in mind:

We all know you don't purchase a buy-to-let property to please yourself

In fact, you have to be careful about imposing your own taste. However, a good rule of thumb is never to buy anything you would not care to live in - or at least, don't leave it in that state.

Whether it's a delightful cottage, a charming conversion in a period building, a purpose built flat, or a traditional terrace, make sure you give it the necessary level of attention. Even a tiny studio in a large block can be properly cared for. A good location is a must - and we don't just mean a leafy avenue of expensive houses.

Our first consideration is to assess your needs

You can assist with this by filling in a profile with one of our staff. This will enable us to:

Once you have bought the property, you will be able to use our:

Not sure if this is for you? Come and talk to us - an initial consultation is free of charge.

If you wish to build a portfolio or organise your properties to the best advantage, we have links with advisors who are able to help with long-term strategy.

To consider:

sensible, practical, landlord furniture

sensible, practical, landlord furniture...

a well-equipped kitchen

a well-equipped kitchen...

an attractive location

an attractive location...